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Frequently Asked Questions

Alright, a lot of clients we have spoken with have asked me if this is “machine cutting” of the background – Look we are not using Photoshop Actions to guess which part an image needs to be cut and which ones not. Our process is powered by AI. You could always get some test images done before you start. In the most unlikely event, at any time you feel we have not done a good job on any image you assign us to work on, let us know we will work on it manually for you.

Our background removal process is completed automated. This will be instantaneous. So once we confirm we have started, you could expect to start receiving processed images almost immediately.

We currently have the capability to process 2500 images per hour. If you have need for more volumes, we can scale-up in two days’ time.

Yes. We work on images in all formats. However, our output will be in .png format, unless otherwise discussed. 

Yes, definitely. We will complete a sample assignment of two images.

Pricing depends on the complexity of the image you want us to work on. For most catalog/eCom images, if you are paying in Indian Rupees, you would spend Rs. 15 per image + 18% GST. If you choose to pay in USD, you’d pay 39 cents per image, all inclusive.

The bigger the volume, the better. However we like to have at least 10 images in your assignment.

For both to receive and to return files we use either Google Drive or Dropbox or just transfer using WeTransfer.

Simply send that batch of images using WeTransfer to ecom@thecornestone.in. Please add instructions to give us an understanding of what you expect us to achieve.

You sure can! Put your requirements in the comments section of the work order form and we will take care of those for you. The cost for the additional task will be added to your invoice.

No. We will not retain images. Once they are processed you will be notified. You will have to download these images to your local location.

That’s simple. Just email us your feedback and we will rework on those images for free till we get your expectations met. Well, that’s just in case, because you can be sure we’re doing our job right the first time in most of the cases.

Just complete the form below and we will get in touch with you, as quickly as we could or reach us right away on +91 9916799825.