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This is quite a simple calculation, but the consequences are massive. Did you realise that by allowing a third party to do the work for you, not only could you potentially get 15 times the number of images edited during the month, but you could also get your new products online weeks earlier, meaning you would also benefit from increased sales during that period?

Yes indeed!

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Now imagine if you could spend all those hours you saved on other value added activities such as sourcing your core product at a cheaper price, looking into new shipping methods or providing fantastic customer service, ensuring that your customers will come back again and again? It would be nice right?

So if image editing is not your strong point, you’ll quickly notice that it’s actually more expensive for your business to keep carrying out this task internally.

Reach out now and free-up critical creative time and start focusing your energy on taking your business to the next level. CLICK here or the button below to reach us.

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About Us

Dedicated to excellence in photography, Cornerstone is based in Bangalore, to meet diversified imaging requirements. Apart from imaging services, Cornerstone offers eCommerce photography solutions across categories, products, table tops, on mannequin or just flat photo-shoot at our state-of-the-art studios. Our services include hair & makeup, styling & wardrobe, multiple level quality checks, video shoot, final edit optimised for upload and content writing.

We provide a range of great commercial photography services at extremely competitive prices to help you stand out in the market. What’s more – We offer adaptation service of images meeting requirements of multiple marketplaces, making it a cost effective solution – meaning, you shoot once and use on multiple portals.

Our high quality image processing solutions are best suited if you are in a fast-paced environment, needing quick turn-arounds, high-volume and a dedicated team.

photo edit company
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